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Exposing themselves bare – new online fad December 11, 2008

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Young people are exposing more of their skin on the web. Getting naked in front of webcamera and cellphones are getting cooler than you think. “Baring and sharing’ it with friends is the new fad among teens with access to technology. Age of high tech flirting, I guess.

Almost one quarter (22 percent) of all teen girls and 11 percent ages 13-16 – say they have electronically sent, or posted online, nude or semi-nude images of themselves, according to a survey conducted by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. One-third of teen boys and one-quarter of teen girls say they have had private nude/semi-nude images shared with them. Read reports in Boston HeraldMSNBC and Boston Globe.

There is no sense of shame any more. Many of the teens do not do it within any intention of being a porn star. Before you realize your naked image is going around the world at lightening speed. Boys are also keen on capturing embarssing poses or force young girls to take off their clothes over webchat sessions, often not knowing that others can capture it permanently.

Why do the girls do it? The survey found that girls post these pictures mostly to be fun and flirtatious. To attract boys or compete with other girls. To be trendy like some teen celebrities and to make a fashion statement (baring your natural outfit?) Nude pictures of old girlfriends or girls in your school could be used a weapon to blackmail or getting to do what they want.

Technology might have something to do with this trend. Cheaper digital camera and cellphones camera are everywhere. Ease of uploading and numerous photo sites have encouraged this further. But above all sites like Myspace, facebook and other social networking sites contain numerous semi-clad images.


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