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Another shooting in an Indian American household April 2, 2009

Filed under: Youth — Sam George @ 3:46 am

This time it is in Santa Clara (CA). The guy worked for Yahoo and had earlier worked with Microsoft. Keralite origin… I think. Goes from room to room….shooting and killing his wife, two kids, wife’s brother’s family… before killing himself.

See news reports at SF Mercury, Times and Local TV station.

Last year we saw similar incidents in a Indian church in NJ, homes in Chicago and LA. Murdering family members and then committing suicide is an uniquely Indian phenomena in North America. Murder-suicide within family are difficult to analyze. No one lives to tell what was going on. Parents or relatives back home are clueless what led them to such drastic step.

Indian Americans being one of the most educated and highest income brackets are often viewed as “Model Minority” in United States. Main stream American society is unable to comprehend underling causes of such extreme steps that families are forced to take. Shame driven cultures forces some to think it is better to be dead than my family has to face humiliation or loss of public status in the community.

What can be done to avoid repetition of such incidents in your own community? I would like to hear your thots. Thanks.


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