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Missing Children of Mumbai (India) May 14, 2009

Filed under: Family,India,Youth — Sam George @ 12:18 pm

Heard of this… on an average 2,000 kids are reported missing every year, but only half of them are found, reveal statistics. ‘Missing’ includes those who have been kidnapped, lost or run away. See report in Hindustan Times and Times of India.

In 2006, of the 1,569 kids who went missing, 582 were traced. In 2007, 4,000 children went missing in Mumbai, only 831 were traced – 3,169 kids have still not been located. In 2008 only 2,837 cases of children who went missing.

In a City of 18 million people, bubbling with life, business, glamour and decay, 2000 may not be much. Most of them never get ‘found’ and lost forever. Think about nearly 2000 families have to live with such incidents for rest of their lives.This is the dark side of slumdog millionaire city.

Call it the Slumdog Paradox. Oscar winning movie Slumdog Millionaire might have changed the lives of Rubina, Tanvi, Ashutosh, Ayush and many others, but numerous children like them in the slums of Mumbai are still awaiting a change in their destiny.

Some brush aside such news, while most tend to overlook. Life of these little ones does not mean much to many. ‘It is their fate,’ they say. But some steps into situations like that and wants to do something for these kids. Like Compasstion International. See what they are doing in India. They have over 100,000 kids under their care, many of whom would have become part of this statastics, but for their compassion. There are many individuals and organization

Leave it not to their fate or let their destiny be shaped by our compassion. May we be part of the solution, rather than condemning the problem or the goverment. God cares for the least and lost ones in our city. So must we. ‘Let the things that break the heart of God, break our hearts as well.’


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  1. Sindee Says:

    Your last sentence, very well stated. Thank you.

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