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Attending SAGC in Singapore July 23, 2009

Filed under: Youth — Sam George @ 11:45 pm

SAGC is a gathering of South Asians from around the world. This time it is in Singapore. Previous gatherings were in London in 2007 and Vancouver in 2005. It is amazing to see the gaining of momentum and great internetworking among emerging leaders of South Asian origin.

I got here couple of days ago. Good to be back in Singapore after many years. But it is quality of people that you meet and see what God is doing around the world in this community. It is very humbling to hear stories of life transforming and stories of new ministries. There is undoubtedly lots of passion and great penetration into emerging generations of South Asians.

So far I have met fourth generations tamils in Malaysia, staying with an Indian missionary in Cambodia, 3rd generation from Denmark, Second generation from scotland, singapore and Australia. So many more people to meet and hear their exciting stories.

Later tomorrow, I will be presenting a paper on Family Issues in South Asian Diaspora. How dispersion from Indian subcontinent to rest of the world has affected family systems and faith formation. This is an amazing platform to bounce off your reflection and develop a Diaspora Theology and Missiology for South Asians. Collective wisdom and practical insights for ministry in such gathering are of immense value.

More later.


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