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Suicidal tendency August 19, 2009

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U.S.-born Asian-American women seem to be particularly at risk for suicidal behavior, according to new University of Washington research.  The study shows 15.93 percent of U.S.-born Asian-American women have contemplated suicide in their lifetime, exceeding national estimates of 13.5 percent for all Americans.  (

This is true of coconut generation – girls have higher propensity than boys. When cultural and gender issues collide, crisis becomes acute. It is never as intense as during adolescence. Being a teenager is hard in all cultures, but children of immigrants suffer severly. Children of Asian immigrants particularly suffer where gender bias is adversely stands against women. Thus teen girls growing up in Asian immigrant  dysfunctional homes are more inclined to consider ‘final exit’ more seriously.

So youth ministry in churches, school counselors and parents have a critical role of developing healthy relationships with teens to navigate children thro this difficult stage of life. Modern living makes it harder and we are pushed into isolation. Virtual relationships are not enough either. Teens need trusting real relationship, even when they lack relationship skills to sustain it.

Youth mentoring is powerful. Big brother, big sister program are so effective. Take some young people under your wings. Believe in them. Listen to them. be there for them. Ministry of availability and ministry of presence can make life transforming impact on the lives of teens.


3 Responses to “Suicidal tendency”

  1. Ranee Says:

    Thank you for provoking me as i agree that young people need to be affirmed for who they are. Since turning 40yrs of age, i realized how i struggled in my teens to be who everyone else expected of me instead of being who God made me to be. During a church camp, i shared unashamedly my struggles and i found people pouring their hearts on their personal struggles with the above mentioned. I will be giving the above article food for thought and will avail myself for such a ministry. Love, a former struggler but now walking in victory and occasional dips still do occur.

  2. Annony Says:

    In America and across the world, sex drive among teen agers have gone up by 160% due to the bad media and internet porn.
    In USA for the most part the sex culture is defined by european americans which is quiet openly a free for all, which basically means that a white teen age girl will engage in sex with anyone around the family ( incestual brother, sister, cousins etc) or with neighbor ( boyfriend, girlfriend ) or with school buddies in a very discrete fashion. Other races particularly blacks (AA’s, Mulatto hispanic blacks) to some extent other asians (chinese girls like screwing a white dude) also engage a lot without much moral thought. They go out and get banged up in the Car, House, Parks and come back home to parents home as if nothing happened.
    The Negros, Mulatto and White pigs are eager and ready to screw any girl , anywhere and this doesn’t mean guys from other races are decent but the above three category are worst in screwing a girl quickly.
    Now, given this situation , the people of middle east and east asian reserved background will have a VERY HARD time holding their GIRL in check and control in school, college or wherever. This is simply because the white fuckheads set the standard of social norm, which is spread the legs and get screwed. It is like a HEAVEN for the ugly black african people since they don’t have any decent cultures they are ready to screw with their big dicks. Not to mention, all other races simply have to follow this horrible social environment.
    Although older whites hates black interracial, they succumb to the reality of open sex policy.
    It is really very tough on minority teen age girls of Muslim and indian orthodox background , since they are being advised by parents and also to social pressures. If the girl is very cute, pretty, fair skinned then everyone will be behind her from ugly whites , mulattos and including the ugly nappy headed blacks.
    Please see the movie “Towelhead” to get a feel of what happens to teenage girls in America.

  3. maria Says:


    That statistic is pretty much the same in Sri Lanka. Likewise, the number of women in India going insane (or some other mental disorder) while in a marriage is at the top of the list. The pressures in those countires are obviously different, but marriage pressures and abuse are the ultimate.

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