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Record number of Indian students in American Universities November 18, 2009

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Foreign student enrollment from India exeeded 100,000 for the first time in USA. Over the last eight years Indians were top of the international student category. Number of international students at American universities increased by 8% to an all-time high of 671,616 in the 2009 academic year and students from India made up 103,260 of the total.

Here is Open doors 2009 report from Institute of International Education. See also news report in Times of India. 

China remained in second place, although there was a sharp 21 per cent spike in students from China, going up from 81,127 last academic year to 98,235 this year. South Korea (69,000 to 75,000) remained in third place. International students contribute $17.8 billion to the US economy, through their expenditures on tuition and living expenses.

Universities in California hosted the largest number of foreign students with 93,124, up 10%, followed by New York with 74,934, up 7%, and Texas with 58,188, up 12%. The New York City metropolitan area continues to be the leading city for international students, with 59,322 enrolled in area schools, up 8%. The Los Angeles metropolitan area is in second place with 42,897 international students, up 11%.

The top ten most popular fields of study for international students in the United States in 2009 were Business Management (21% of total), Engineering (18%) and Physical and Life Sciences (9%), Social Sciences (9%), Mathematics and Computer Science (8%), Health Professions (5%), Fine & Applied Arts (5%), Language (4%), Humanities (3%), Education (3%), and Agriculture (1%).

Another interesting trend is the 20% rise of number of American students studying in India. The number of Americans studying in India rose from 2627 in 2006/2007 to 3146 in 2007/2008, making India the 17th in the list of countries for US students. The top five spots went to UK, Italy, Spain, France and China, the last of which had more than 13,000 American students. Flow is happening both ways.


4 Responses to “Record number of Indian students in American Universities”

  1. Tony Thomas Says:

    I’m glad you posted this and I hope it adds awareness of churches, especially of South Asian descent/focus, to really think about what type of strategy and impact they are making on the college campus.

    The mission field has been brought home and it lives in our colleges and universities! As my wife and I work on the campus of U of I…I believe, we have the 4th largest international student population in the country…so the harvest is plentiful…but like Jesus said…so often it feels the workers are few…so lets pray the Lord sends out workers into his harvest field!

    A last thought…I know many campus ministries are struggling to reach Indian/South Asian international students as opposed to other ethnicities. I think an untapped potential to reach these students really exists in mobilizing the 2nd generation South Asian believers to bridge that gap. That’s what we are starting to see happen here at U of I. And I think other campus ministries ought to really look into that being a very viable strategy.


    • abhishek Says:

      what u wrote ,i didn’t understood even 1%of it but what will jesus n church will do in this regard? foreign students mainly indians will never change their religion (except few exceptions).

  2. Annony Says:

    There are problems on several fronts:
    1.) How do stop immigration and start thinking for creating jobs in America ?
    2.) How do we stop inter-racial melting pot or miscegenation ?
    3.) How do get rid of illegals and other criminal immigrants in this country ?
    4.) What is the purpose of converting to CHRISTIANITY, when churches all the world is divided along color lines, racial lines and why should anyone believe in WHITE god , it is well known that the WHITE RACE is responsible for killing millions of people and humiliated in the last 2000 years all over the world ?
    5.) When a person of different religion do become christian would that mean the white race will accept that person as friend and develop a interracial relationship ? The purpose is never really understood, quiet frankly.
    6.) Lastly, Will another holocaust inevitable in the Americas or Europe ?

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