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Next Gen Ministry October 18, 2006

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Is there a thing called generation gap? How will that affect how ministry is done and recieved in churches? Should there be a generation thrust in ministry or will faith supercede generational differences. This is particularly critical in immigrant churches.

The “church within a church” model is something that I had suggested among the many other models of ministry¬†in the Coconut Book for immigrant churches.

Not necessarily, this will work for all churches. One of the pioneers of this model, Willowcreek Church closed its next generation ministry called Axis in July 2006 after 10 years. Read Willow’s announcement and Leadership Journal Blog (Axis Denied) and readers responses.

I do not know what transpired behind the scenes, but I was talking with next generation leader about ending of Axis ministry. May be it became victim of its own success. Everything that Willow tries gets lots of attention in the Christian media. Or Willows other ministry stratagies like multisite (“churches around a church” undermining “church within a church”) or neighborhood (home church model) came in the way of next gen ministry.

Whatever be the case, there is much to learn for those who research, study and involved in ministry to the emerging generations. He who have ears, let him hear!