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Changing Religious Landscape in USA February 26, 2008

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A new study is out on changing religious affliation in USA. It’s from Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. It says that – U.S. Roman Catholics and Protestants are leaving the churches of their childhood and either choosing other faiths or no religion at all. Read the report in Chicago Tribune, TIME, and New York Times. See also the article in Christianity Today.

According to the findings, 28 percent, of American adults said they have left the faith in which they were raised. About 16 percent of Americans say they are not members of any religious group, making the “unaffiliated” group the fourth largest religious tradition in the United States. The Catholic Church has lost more members than any other religious group.

Hinduism exhibits the highest overall retention rate with 84 percent of adults who were raised as Hindus saying they were still Hindu. Ninety percent of Hindus marry within their own faith, and eight-in-ten Hindus who were raised Hindu remain so as adults. Eight in 10 Hindus are foreign-born may help explain the high retention rates. Buddhists struggle hardest to pass the faith from one generation to the next.

Other interesting findings – Mormons and Muslims are the groups with the largest families; more than one in five Mormon adults and 15 percent of Muslim adults in the U.S. have three or more children living at home. Black Americans are the most likely to report a formal religious affiliation.

There has been lots of talk of church drop outs lately. This study continues to proves some rumbling in the ground. Mega chruch and many immigrant church leaders are taking note.  Denominational head are reevaluating their church planting strategy and approaches toward the new generations. It is so scary and exciting to live in such changing times!


Connext on web September 25, 2007

Many who made it the connext conf and others who wished had been blogging about it. See for yourself: Philly Churchplant, Ajay from Boston, David in Atlanta, Ben in Toronto etc. More to come.

Pritam Singh also carried my cocogen blog on the SAC site.  THose of you who are not familiar with SAC, please check out Great places to go to see other bloggers and writings from young South Asian Christian leaders from around the world.

Soon photos, audio and video from the conference should be online at Enjoy and share it with other leaders.


Post-CONNEXT Reflections September 18, 2007

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Just got back home yesterday after the historic Connext conference – a leadership gathering of emering South Asian Christians. It was an amazing conference indeed – so many leaders, their vision and passion, diversity of ministries, stories etc. I am deeply humbled to see what God is doing with the next generation of Asian Indians all across the US & Canada.

Over two and half day we had some 150 leaders, 25 seminars, 21 exhibits, 5 worship sessions, 5 meals, 4 testimonies, 3 plenary talks, 3 musical concerts and 2 bible studies. There were lots of fellowship time, meal time discussions, networking and simply hanging out together. So many new friendship have been forged between musicians, seminary students, youth workers, counselors, church planters, pastors and leaders across denominational affliations and languages groups.

Everyone sensed God is doing a new thing in our time. There were much openness to collaborate and learn from each other. There is lots of excitement among next generation leaders. They show exceptional commitment to reach and disciple their generation. The NY organizing team showed remarkable commitment to voluneerism, teamwork, servanthood, excellance and stewardship.

If you were not able to make it, you have really missed something. But the conference proceedings will be uploaded soon on connext website. Pls visit – Most of the talks and seminars will also be published as a book later next year. And watch out for future connext conferences.


Backlash on Asian Americans – VT shootings August 24, 2007

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Virginia Tech opened for another year of school, but school will never be the same after shootings four months ago. I know students who had applied to VT and came under pressure from parents to go elsewhere. Asian American families do not feel comfortable to send their children to VT, not because of the fear of another shooting (it could happen in any campus, for that matter) but the backlash and stereotyping their children have to endure.

I was shocked to hear the events at Virginia Tech few months ago. It was the worst school shooting in the history of US that killed 33 people at the college by a Korean American student. I have known many students who graduated from there and others who are involved with student ministry in the campus. See these reports – Shame on the family, trying to figure out what went on inside killer’s mind etc

Korean society puts a lot of insistence on doing well academically and economically. That contributes to a lot of pressure on younger Korean-Americans. The same can be said of other Asian Americans and Indian Americans in particularly. A study found suicide was the second leading cause of death among young Asian-Americans between 15 and 24, more than the national average. Asian-American girls between 15 and 24 have the highest rates of depressive symptoms and suicide rates among all racial groups in the US.

Living upto model minority myth creates tremendous inner pressure to perform. And those who do not make it or live upto those expectations, resort other avenues to take the pressures off. But those who cannot take the pressure off thro relief valve, pressure keeps building and eventually results in blowing up!


Booming Business in India April 23, 2007

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The prestigious magazine Fortune has named Sunil Mittal as Asia’s Businessman of the Year. He heads Bharti Airtel – India’s leader in mobile phone services and the fastest growing wireless market in the world.

In the lead article in its latest issue, Fortune said after succeeding in the cell phone market, Mittal is now forging his “most audacious” foreign partnership yet. A partnership with global giant Wal Mart to develop retail market all over India.

India has the unique distinction for the highest pay hike in the world. No wonder people are heading to India by planeloads. Money seems to be trickling down to the middle class finally and enterpreuner middle class is turning inot millionaires. But will it change the poor masses of India? In spite of unprecendented business boom, millions of Indians are yet to see a computer or own a cell phone or send an email.

Are the business focused on the lowest rung of the pyramid or preoccupied with the middle class? Who will stand in the gap, speak for the voiceless millions in India? Will business be just or exploit growing aspirations or drive further wedge between classes?


Off to Urbana December 27, 2006

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I am just about to leave for Urbana Missions conference. Driving from Chicago to St. Louis. I have fond memories of past urbana – about the worship, message, standing at a India Mission booth, sharing about mission with students and everything else that goes on at such large conferences.

This is my third urbana and the Coconut book is being released there. I will be at the South Asian Lounge during the breaks. Dr. T.V. Thomas, past urbana main speaker and who wrote the foreword for the Coconut Book will also be there. If any of you are going to be there, pls come and see us.

Wish you all a blessed new year!

More blogging next year!!!


Coconut off to Space – Sunita Williams December 13, 2006

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Sunita is the second Astronaut of Indian orgin, who was lifted off into space on space shuttle Discovery this week. The Indian and Indian American had been closely following this and are proud of the achievement. Of course, they also remember the tragic accident shuttle Columbia and death of Kalpana Chawla some five years ago.

Check out their story on USA Today. Here is official NASA biography of Sunita Williams. Also read more about her – Also updates on the trip –