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Teen Pregnancy Crisis in Mass June 20, 2008

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An appalling story from Massachusetts on teen pregnancy. 17 pregnancies over this past school year in girls age 16 and younger. Many of them made a pact to get pregnant so that they can raise them together. Read the report in US news or watch on AP video on Youtube.

Sex education program in the country is seriously being questioned. Is this the failure of kids, parents, school or the government? Finger pointing is on and it has spurred many ideological conversations. But when these kids drop out of school and end up in welfare, no body blames the school or government policy. In their foolishness, they are seriously sabotaging their own future and precious babies.

Sadly, fathers of these babies does not appear anywhere in this discussion. Pregnancy prevention and contraceptive approach are not enough. If we won’t let them drive on roads or do not consider responsible enough for many adult roles, why do we hesitate to speak against sexual activity before marriage. Abstinence is the best message for such crises and let’s not hesitate to tell the truth to the kids


Wombs for sale April 5, 2008

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Just few days ago, I got in our mailbox this week’s Newsweek (only magazine I am subscribed to right now). The coverage report was on “Wombs for Rent.” It was about secret life of surrogate mothers. Who they are and why they do it?

Cost of surrogacy in the US currently ranges between $ 20K to $25K. The surrogacy is estimated now to be a half a billion dollar a year business. Is this merely business? What does medical ethic say or moral implication of new medical procedures?

Some of the stories they covered on surrogacy are military families as they cannot bear children on base. Other group is career women. Medical science has come to the rescue of many career women who wants to have children but do not want pregnancy to come in the way.

Another related issue and as a result of globalization is the trend of American women looking to Indian women to carry their babies to term. See my entry on Outsourcing of Pregnancy. Is this exploitation of poor Indian women? Is surrogacy of big favor women do it for their sisters?


Illegitimate Children March 31, 2008

In 1960, 5 percent of all pregnancies occured to unmarried mothers. By 1999, percentage rose to 33. One in every three children born in America is born to unwed mother. In 1970 it was 10.7 percent and 1980, 18.4 percent and 1990, it was 28 percent. Latest CDC stat on birth to unmarried women stands at 36.9 percent, ie 1,527,034.

Contrary to conventional notion that most illegitimate children are not being born to teen mothers. Over the past four decades age of unmarried mother giving birth has risen from teen girls to twenties and now in thirties. Also it moved beyond black poor girls to well-to-do white and other migrant groups. See detailed stat by race from 1970 thro 2004 on unmarried childbirths in US.

Birth control revolution that was supposed to prevent unwanted pregnancies and allow peopple freely engage in sex without any fear. Inceasingly sex-driven popular culture and anti-marriage sentiment prevalent in America today has taken any stigma out of free format sexual activity. Growing promiscuity, Cohabitation etc are only making this problem worse. But all of it is not without any consequence as many would like to believe.

The term illegitimate children are no more in use and is considered oppressive. Out of wedlock childbirth is the more trendy usage these days. No matter how well we sugarcoat such bitter social experimentation or legislate new policies by the government, this moral crisis cannot be easily resolved. Personal sexual ethics have a larger social, cultural and political consequences. Unless we address the core moral crisis in America, nothing else we do will matter much! 


Why Abortion in US is declining? January 18, 2008

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Abortion in US had the lowest level since 1974 and everybody is trying to find out why? The study was done by Guttmacher Institute and it was a nationwide survey to back this abortion trends. They are involved with many sexual and reproductive health studies. See also news report at ABC News, Associated Press etc.

The study reported that in 2005, there were 1.2 million abortions in US that comes to 19.3 women in 1000. Highest in DC, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Florida and California. Lowest among Wyoming, Kentucky, Missippi and Idaho. 60% of abortion happens within 8 weeks of pregnancy. 

Both pro-lifers and pro-abortion groups are claiming a victory. Pro-lifers are saying more women are choosing to keep their babies (even in case of out of wedlock or pregnancy teens). Pro-choicers are saying their safe sex message or pills are keeping women out of unwanted pregnancies. Some have condemned the study saying ‘abortion numbers are bogus.’ Some even attributed to the shift in culture as a result of a movie called Juno, where a pregnant teen decides to keep the baby and give it for adoption.

America’s abortion rate is one of the highest in the world. In spite of the drop, on the global scale US abortions are still very high. Who will claim the responsibilities of millions of babies whose life has been stifled in the womb by ‘professional’ doctors all for the sake of an ideology?