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Abortion – Morally Wrong January 26, 2010

Majority of American view abortion is morally wrong. Yes, you read it right. Almost six out of 10 american are now leaning more toward a pro-life stand. See here for details of Marist poll and the report in citizen’s link.

According to the study, millennials (those 18-29) consider abortion to be “morally wrong” even more (58%) than Baby Boomers (those 45-64) (51%). Generation X (those 30-44) are similar to Millennials (60% see abortion as “morally wrong”). More than 6 in 10 of the Greatest Generation (those 65+) feel the same.

On the eve of the 37th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion throughout the United States, this is an major turnaround. America is turning away from a culture of death to embrace life. After whole generation who fought for the woman’s right to choose, the next generation seems to be swining to the other end.

Why is Abortion morally wrong? Because it is morally wrong to murder a person made in the image and likeness of God. From the moment of conception, an unborn baby is a distinct person made in the image and likeness of God. God forms a person in the womb, not a mass of tissue(non-person). Most defenceless, voiceless being in our society. How can anyone, especially a mother, choose to carry out such a cold-blooded murder and what happens to a nation that can protect its weakest citizens and in fact permits such attrocities to be carried out?

Why is this happening now? Difficult to answer conclusively. But it could be advances in medical imaging technology, and we are now know more about babies in the womb. Also women who had suffered as a result of abortion are speaking up more than ever. Seeing and hearing their stories are making next generation think again. Negative consequences of choice can now be accessed more readily.

Next generation’s moral courage is commendable.


Record Number of Abortions Paid for by Illinois Taxpayers December 14, 2007

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For the second year in a row, Illinois taxpayers are set to fund a record number of abortions at county health facilities. One hospital reports a 78 percent increase over four years. Stroger Hospital in Cook County, Ill., one of the largest urban health care providers in Chicago, performs about 4,000 abortions a year — and bills taxpayers more than $1 million a year for those abortions. Illinois is also one of 17 states that funds most or all abortions for Medicaid recipients.

Last week, I came across this piece of information. Should entire community be taxed for certain personal value choices? Abortion is a controversial topic. Prolifers do not want to share prochoicer’s health expense. In order to have the choice concerning unborn children, pro-choice advocates want to legislate state wide laws. But why should entire population has to stand by for few individual choices? Those want the choice should be willing to pay for it also! They spend millions in promoting their ideology and promiscuity as a result, but do not want to share hapless mothers who are seeking abortion.