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Why Teens are Rebellious? February 25, 2008

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Teens and rebelliousness are synonyms (at least in most cases). I was …. how about you?There is something about being a teenager that they push the boundaries, frustrated with the way things are, feel caged in, sense their freedom curtailed, want to explore what is out there etc. Many mistakes are made, some lessons are learned.. but eventually they all grow up.

New reserach findings are out (also here). Rebelliousness among teens may stem from biology. Teen brains function differently from that of adults. The prefrontal cortex – the area that controls judgment, organization, emotions — is largely immature in a teenager’s head and if you don’t have the neural structure in place, the adolescent cannot really think things through at the same level as an adult.

Adding to the biological development of brains, there is a burst of hormones coursing through kids as they enter puberty. The hormones affect not only a teenager’s sex drive, but also lead to temporary aggressiveness and moodiness.

Next teens act weird, moms/dads/youth workers remember it is not just the teen-angust or rebelliousness, but blame it on their brains! It is a clearn sign that they need help. Although they quickly grow into adult bodies, they emotional and mental development lags behind. Of they need help in spiritual development as well.