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Teen Pregnancy Crisis in Mass June 20, 2008

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An appalling story from Massachusetts on teen pregnancy. 17 pregnancies over this past school year in girls age 16 and younger. Many of them made a pact to get pregnant so that they can raise them together. Read the report in US news or watch on AP video on Youtube.

Sex education program in the country is seriously being questioned. Is this the failure of kids, parents, school or the government? Finger pointing is on and it has spurred many ideological conversations. But when these kids drop out of school and end up in welfare, no body blames the school or government policy. In their foolishness, they are seriously sabotaging their own future and precious babies.

Sadly, fathers of these babies does not appear anywhere in this discussion. Pregnancy prevention and contraceptive approach are not enough. If we won’t let them drive on roads or do not consider responsible enough for many adult roles, why do we hesitate to speak against sexual activity before marriage. Abstinence is the best message for such crises and let’s not hesitate to tell the truth to the kids