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Growing Childlessness in United States August 22, 2008

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More and more women in United States are going without kids. Kids are seen as requiring big sacrifice and being inconvenient, hence undesirable. According to US Census Bureau one in five U.S. women in their early 40s has no children.That’s double the level from 30 years ago and a record high. See report in NY Time, Guardian UK, Washington Post etc.

Some of the reason for this trend may be careerism, media portrayl of women, modern medical technology (extending biological clock) etc. Educated and well to do in socio-economic ladder tend to have lesser or no children at all. There are several competing alternatives to our time in our 20s and 30s, which are more lucrative and held in better esteem than making babies.

Women are getting married late and are waiting longer to have children, and more women than ever are choosing not to have children at all. In many cases, after building successful careers or achieving desirable wealth, when they think they are ready for baby, they are not able to concieve.

Child rearing has also become burdensome. Our culture is becoming anti-babies. There is less support from extended families, community, churches and culture. Cost of childcare, baby products and schooling is increasingly becoming unaffordable for many Americans.

This is not a women’s problem, but both men and women are responsible for this growing trend. This does not mean adult men and women are abstaining from sex altogether. Sexual appetite has not declined at all in America. In the increasingly promiscous culture of West where everyone has adequate information about conception early on and easy access to devices to prevent conception, people are saying YES to sex, but No to babies!

A societal shift in value toward anti-life message is obvious. Choosing not to have babies or aborting them when concieved and lack of social and governmental support for family is leading this nation toward self destruction. The demographical shift may force US to keep is immigration doors open in order to staff its economic structures and global clout.

Our individual choices do have a global and local term consquences!


No Sex leads to Divorce January 22, 2008

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A new court ruling in India – married couple who have aversion towards sex is enough grounds for dissolving their marriage. After 13 years of marriage, the couple got divorced citing wive’s denial of sex. Read entire report on TOI and CNN-IBN.

Is absence of normal sexual relations sufficient reason for dissolving a marriage? What is normal, anyway? What if the husband was sexually abusive toward his wife? What if he is a sexual addict? Or what if there is plenty of sex, but no relationship between the husband and wife?

According to the High Court judge in this case, the denial of sex by the wife lead to mental cruelity and which was enough ground for divorce. Should there be any reason for marital annulments? If any one of the parties in the marriage do not want to continue the relationship, should they be given divorce? Or should they be forced to stay in the marriage superficially? Is this leading to no-fault divorce?

No-fault divorce has only created a culture of divorce and marital instability in the western world. Newly married couples keeps the back door open and exihibit higher inclination towards calling if off without any societal pressures. Marriage is more than sex. Marriage is make us holy, not simply to make us happy.


More teens turning to sexual abstinence message October 9, 2007

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I read with interest a news report about more teens are questioning commonly held views on teen sexual behavior and reverting abstinence as the best way. Check it out for yourself.  The report said, “more and more educators, parents and health professionals are concluding that sexual abstinence until marriage is the wisest, healthiest lifestyle for all teenagers.” What a revelation!

Every idea has a consequence. Many have paid dearly (in some cases with their dear life) for believing in the lies of sexual liberation. This is nothing new. In the past whether it be alcohocol, smoking, drug, adultery etc were promoted on account of personal freedom and rebellion against moral ground of behavioral reinforcements.

Like everything else sexual freedom and safe sex message has come a full circle. Many have fallen victim along the way on this journey. What does it take human being to align themselves to their Creator’s design and live life within the prescribed boundaries. Why are we inclined to push the limits further and further or even desiring to see what happens when moral rules are broken?

Now there enough cases to prove the point the absitence until marriage and faithfulness within marriage is the best way to enjoy sex to the maximum. Whether it poor kids in inner cities of America, red light districts in Mumbai or reversal of AIDS trend in Uganda are all proving what we all have know. Sexual purity matters, not only for ourselves but for the health of the entire communities.