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Television makes teens experiment with sex November 25, 2008

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Too much TV causes teens to engage in sex. A new research study from a professor at University of Wisconsin. No brainers right, especially after seeing some of the high sex television and racy movies that hollywood makes these days. See the report –

The Too much television, low self-esteem, disappointing grades and poor family relationships can be a formula that adds up to early teenage sex, according to the study. And among all of them the best predictors for early teen sex is television viewing.

TV often does not portray the negative consequences of sex, such as unexpected pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. It is projectd as cool and trendy. It makes you feel left out and that you are missing something in life if you have not experienced it yet.

What is result of such findings – introduced sex education at early age, make condom accessible to younger kids, more lecture on being safe etc. What a tragedy indeed of the modern society. If studies find it is unhealthy and dangerous for teens to engage in, why don’t we have the courage to tell the kids not to do it.

Parents shoule be more involved in their kids lives, including their sex life. Parents must talk about these issues at home and not let television industry or school system give them a dose of permissive liberal sexual ethics.


Technology helping families, really? November 21, 2008

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Technology tools are helping families stay in touch with each other and improving relationships. This is the finding from the latest study on family by Pew Internet Research. See BBC report.

Mobile phones and the net are helping them maintain social ties, when modern lives are so time and energy starved. Traditionalist worried that new technologies are hurt family togetherness, but this study found that technology allows for new kinds of connectedness built around cell phones and the internet never possible before.

In the past people gathered around dinner table at the end of the day to eat, unwind and catch up with each other. Then came the television and quick-fix dinners. Family time was gobbling up microwaved meals and staring at the tube. It took away conversations. And now the hi tech tools have further driven a wedge between family members. It is taking away our togetherness. Meals are never eaten together or at the same time and place. Even when we are in the same house, we interact with each other by texting or over Internet!

The virutal relationship is a poor substitute for the real stuff. The contemporary reality of overloaded lives with little time for each other are destorying soul of our family life. I am glad for new connectedness and grateful for new hi-tech tools. I marvel at these miracle tools and what it can do for us. I use them extensively, but I also realize its limitation as well. Let’s not get carried away by such research.

Building strong family ties require skill, commitment and time. No tools or technology can do it for us.


Indian student population highest in US Universities November 18, 2008

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Asian Indians continues to top the list of foreign student in American universities. During the academic year 2007-2008, there are 94,563 Indian students enrolled in American campuses which constitute 15 percent of total foreign enrollement. This is highest we have ever seen in a year!

 I have cited more data and information on this in the Coconut Book. Also get latest research report called Open Doors from the Institute of International Education. See also American going to India for higher education. Here is a news report in Times of India.

Interest in American education and everything else that comes with that remains unabated. Recent attacks and killing of Indian students has not decrease the allure of the American degrees. Presence of American companies in India, strength of rupee and global mindset of young Indians could have contributed to this exodus of brain power.

Some of the brightest and smartest end up in American shores. Intellectual climate, lifestyle, opportunities, free society etc continue to be driving force behind getting an american education. American dream is still alive! Unlike in the past, some of these student after graduation will return to India to tap into unprecented opportunities that exist in India today.


When to get married? November 14, 2008

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Average age of first marriage has gone by an year. Official numbers are out for the year. It is 28 for men and 26 for women. It is up by an year for both men and women from last year. Americans are waiting longer to get married. See the report in USA Today of the study by NFI & University of Texas.

Once people married their childhood sweethearts; then they met their future mate at college campuses and now life partners are found at workplaces. With rising educational needs to survive in a competitive market place, 20 something are more focussed on standing on their feet before deciding to get married.

The odds for a happy marriage may favor those who tie the knot between the ages of 23 and 27. Both early marriages (before finishing college ie 20) and late marriages (after 30) seems to have high rate of casualty.  Cohabitation has also pushed the age of marriage upwards. 

Marriage age has steadily climbed in all developed nations over last few centuries. Education and job pursuits keep people occupied. It also makes marriage prospects harder. Disperson of families on account of studies and work, also reduces their social circles to choose future mate from. Processes have also undergone significant change. Match makers, matrimonial columns, faith groups, arranged marriage, online profile matching etc have created confusion over mater selection process.

Is there an ideal age of marriage? I tend to say no. People are at different places when it comes to relational readiness, emotional maturity and commitment to tie knot. Average age needed not make you feel that you are doomed for a lonely life or think there are many years to think about all this stuff. How are you preparing for a lasting and fulfilling marriage? How ready are you for it?